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Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland

We strive to be as helpful as possible with our clientele, from your first contact with us to the time
you return home with your game and trophies.

Available Dates 2020

*Please note rate changes that came into effect for the 2019 hunting season available in the "Available Dates 2019" submenu*


Spring Bear: Season dates May 11-July 4th.

May 11-July 4th Openings available for four persons per week.

Fall Moose, Caribou, Black bear hunting:

Bow hunting only.

August 31-September 5th (Openings available for six persons)

September 7th-September 12th (Openings available for six persons)

Rifle Season. 

September 14th-19th (Openings available for two persons, spaces reserved by Kyle Simas (c) and Manuel Simas(c), Frank Cerami(c), Ben Mowery(c))

September 21st- 26th (Full to capacity. Spaces reserved by Larry Sheats and party)

September 28th- October 3rd (Full to capacity. Spaces reserved by John Rustici, Bruce Potts and party, Kevin Tyler)

October 5th-10th (Full to capacity. Spaces reserved by Don Walker, Don Caldwell, Randy Williams, Anne Gardner, Skip Burkhart, John Burkhart)

October 12th-17th (Full to capacity. Spaces reserved by Tim Cline and Juan Morales, Matt Simononis and party (2lp)

October 19th-24th (Full to capacity. Spaces reserved by Marc Onken, Jim Onken, Scott Onken, Robert Hamm and party(7lp)

October 26th-October 31st (Full to capacity. Spaces reserved by Vincent Dalo and party (3lp, Mike Remesh and party (3lp)

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