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Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland

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you return home with your game and trophies.

Available Dates 2023

*Please note the current rate changes for the 2023 season*


Spring Bear: Season dates May 15-July 8th.

May 15-July 8th Openings available for four persons per week.

Fall Moose, Caribou, Black bear hunting:

Bow hunting only.

August 28th-September 2nd (Openings available for six persons)

September 4th-September 9th (Openings available for six persons)

Rifle Season. 

September 11th-16th ( Full to capacity, spaces reserved by Angela Mudd, Bill Mudd (c), Joe Culver, Jim Culver)

September 18th- 23rd (Full to capacity, spaces reserved by Alex Morejon, Ariel Morejon, Troy Armstrong, Josh Schultz)

September 25th- September 30th ( Full to capacity, spaces reserved by Jared Scott, Paul Olander and Brent Cardwell, Tony Koeppel)

October 2nd-7th (Full to capacity, spaces reserved by Don Caldwell, Randy Williams, Anne Gardner, Skip Burkhart, John Willey)

October 9th-14th (Full to capacity, spaces reserved by Bruce potts, John Rustici, Bruce Howard, Peter Andrews)

October 16th-21st (Spaces available for two persons, spaces reserved by Mike Sorensen, Pierre -Claude Minville(c))

October 23rd-October 28th (Full to capacity, spaces reserved by Sid Cammeresi (c), Randy Arfele, Mike Sorensen (c), John Sims(c)) 

October 30th-November 4th (Full to capacity, spaces reserved by Rich Caulkins, Steve Saxton,)

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