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We strive to be as helpful as possible with our clientele, from your first contact with us to the time
you return home with your game and trophies.

Everything Meat

Meat and trophy handling from field to butcher and from the butcher to a shipping carrier of your choice, is included in all of our hunting packages.

We handle all of the neccessary paperwork needed for exporting meat, antlers and trophy's. 

We provide access to a professional butcher. Once game is harvested in the field we will get it to Scott's Farm for processing as quickly as possible, especially for those guests whose aim it is to bring meat back with them when they leave.

The butcher can process meat and have it frozen for you in twenty four hours. Store hours are Monday to Saturday 8:30am-6pm daily. Closed on Sundays.

To contact Scott please visit:https://411.ca/business/profile/6233009

The fees for butchering for 2022 are $65.00 per quarter for moose and $45.00 per quarter for caribou.

A variety of sausage flavors is available at an extra charge of $3.00/ lb for making.

Mince meat is also available at an extra charge of $1.60/ lb for making.

Please note that there is a $20.00 freezing and holding fee charged by the butcher for meat being picked up within one week. For periods longer then one week the fee is $50.00

If you prefer to take your game home without having it processed here we can certainly help you break it down into major primal cuts or smaller pieces if desired.

Styro-foam waxed cardboard shipping boxes (32 inches long by 15 inches wide by 11 inches high) are provided at the butcher shop for meat shipments going by plane or truck. The fee is $25.00 per box. A box holds about 50lbs of meat. Both ground shipping and airline shipping carriers demand the use of these leak proof boxes.

A moose generally take 4-6 boxes while a caribou usually takes 2-3 boxes.

For those guests who fly, getting game back home is not an issue as it can be easily flown or trucked. If you are driving and would rather have your game shipped in this manner instead of taking it with you, that's not an issue either.

Please visit Air Canada's website at http://www.aircanada.com/cargo/en/contact-us/ to view a list of destinations where game can be shipped to by airline. Once a destination has been selected it may be wise to double check the availability of shipping by contacting that particular airport by either phone or email.  

The following is a list of destinations within the USA where big game can currently be shipped to via refridgerated truck by Newfoundland Big Game Shipping ( formerly Central Newfoundland Shipping): (Allentown, PA)  (Bartow, FL)  (New Bedford, MA)  (Cartersville, GA)  (Detroit, MI)  (Sebree, KY)  (Mobile, AL)  (St. Paul, MN)  (Earth City, MO)   (Tulsa, OK)  (Wilson, NC). Contact either Bob at 1-709-651-4427 or Candice at 1-709-424-6203.  

Newfoundland Big Game Shipping also ships to St. David, Ontario Canada. Please visit their website at www.centralnlshipping.com

Fees for shipping as provided by Newfoundland Big Game Shipping for 2022 are as follows: First box-$195.00 taxes included, Each additional box $125.00 taxes included. Antlers when accompanied by boxes is $50.00 taxes included. Antlers shipped alone will be $145.00 taxes included. European mounts with boxes $100.00 taxes included Note these prices are quoted in US denomination. 

Please note that a fee of $125.00 is required to ship bear meat and or hide. This is a Wildlife fee that the shipper is now required to pay since 2021 for bear products to cross the border into the USA. 

Please note that Hinterland Outfitting Ltd. will pick your game up from the local butcher shop and bring it to your shipping carrier of choice at no additional charge to you. Included with it will be all the required paperwork needed for shipping and exporting. (Please note that shipments of black bear meat and other parts thereof by shipping company will require a "Cites Permit" that will take a minimum of twenty one days to obtain from the Federal Government. If it is travelling with the licensed owner it does not require a Cites Permit). If your meat is going by ground you will be notified by Newfoundland Big Game Shipping of its arrival date at the destination of your choice, where it will be kept in cold storage and you will have thirty days to pick it up. 

If you are having a trophy prepared and want it done in Newfoundland, we provide access to a professional taxidermist who has been doing work for us from year one. The hide of your animal will be carefully removed at the lodge and preserved until it's presented to the taxidermist at a future date. Rex Jennings who will be doing your work also handles the shipping of your trophy back home to you. Please feel free to visit his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/newfoundlandtaxidermy/ He will also gladly answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact him at 709-783-2180(H) or 709-640-7841(C).

Once game is harvested we have a fully enclosed fly-proof meat house on site as well as a separate skinning facility. Staff at the lodge will remove your game from the site of kill using ATV’s and return with it to the meat processing facilities for initial processing such as skinning and quartering. All trophy preparation is done at this time also. We have deep freezers and salt available for these purposes. Both meat houses have hot and cold running water to use when cleaning game. We take great care to ensure that all game reaches the butcher in the best of shape, free of loose hair and particles. Taking game in warm weather does not pose a problem. We have a new refridgeration cooling unit in our game storage facility for this purpose.

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