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Vacation and Sightseeing


Photo coutesy Jo-D Martin/Facebook.

For guests who prefer some activity away from our hunting lodge.

Central Newfoundland has plenty to offer those who wish to travel here but who choose to stay in one of the local communities instead of coming into our hunting lodge.

There are many scenic communities located along our coastline within easy driving distance from our location in Bishop's Falls. One hundred year old or more “biscuit box houses” previously owned by the first inhabitants of the towns are common in these towns as are churches and “stores” of the same age. The majority of these communities were established when fishing or forestry were the main forms of employment. Somewhat later came the railway.

There are numerous well marked scenic nature walking trails for the outdoor enthusiast who prefers the non-consumptive aspect of the outdoors along these destinations.

Please visit the following links to trails in or around the following list of communities:

GrandFalls ---http://www.explorenewfoundlandandlabrador.com/Hiking%20&%20Walking%20Trails/grand_falls%20-%20windsor%20hiking%20&%20walking%20trails.htm

Botwood ---http://www.explorenewfoundlandandlabrador.com/Hiking%20&%20Walking%20Trails/botwood%20hiking%20&%20walking%20trails.htm

Gander ---http://www.explorenewfoundlandandlabrador.com/Hiking%20&%20Walking%20Trails/gander%20hiking%20&%20walking%20trails.htm

Northern Arm ---http://www.explorenewfoundlandandlabrador.com/Hiking%20&%20Walking%20Trails/northern_arm%20hiking%20&%20walking%20trails.htm

Point Leamington ---http://www.explorenewfoundlandandlabrador.com/Hiking%20&%20Walking%20Trails/point_leamington%20hiking%20&%20walking%20trailshtm.htm

Virgin Arm ---http://www.explorenewfoundlandandlabrador.com/Hiking%20&%20Walking%20Trails/virgin_arm%20hiking%20&%20walking%20trails.htm

Green Bay ---http://greenbayfeed.com/new-hiking-trail-rattling-brook/


For a more complete list of available locations to stop by on your travels offering numerous things to do in the Central Newfoundland area please visit: http://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/placestogo/central

If you visit our location during the summer and would prefer to engage in some sightseeing around our beautiful island please visit the following website and take some time to contemplate the many things to do while here. http://www.explorenewfoundlandandlabrador.com/101-things-newfoundland-labrador.htm

Here you can find an abundance of available things to do throughout the entire province. Trust me you won’t get to do them all in one trip leaving you with a strong desire to come again! From 15,000 year old ice bergs, 1000 year old Viking settlements, to the oldest known fossils of any complex life form known on Earth at approximately 550 million years old, we have it all.


During the spring months from April through June many tourists travel to our northeastern coast to catch sight of massive icebergs that flow past our coastline in Iceberg Alley. From St. Anthony, La Scie, Twillingate, Fogo Island, Change Islands and eastward to Cape Spear these impressive "bergs" can be seen and photograghed. All of these prime locations and many others are easily accessable by vehicle. For further information please visit here. http://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/thingstodo/icebergviewing 

breaching whale 

Photo courtesy of Iceberg Quest Tours

Whale watching is equally a highly sought after experience. The waters surrounding Newfoundland have no less than twenty two species of whales that frequent them. Included in these would be the minke, sperm, pothead, blue, orca and the worlds largest population of humpbacks. Within the last number of years several great white sharks have also been identified swimming along our shores. In many communities there are boat tours to take you out for a day to get up close to these creatures. 

For additional information on this activity please visit the following:http://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/ThingsToDo/WhaleWatching


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