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Moose Hunt Rates Newfoundland CanadaHunting Rates 2021

All rates quoted in USD

  • Single Moose hunt--$5100.00
  • Single Woodland Caribou hunt--$6550.00
  • Spring Baited Black Bear / Trout fishing--$3300.00
  • Add second bear for--$1200.00
  • Non-hunting guest--$850.00 per week

Fall baited black bear hunt added to either a moose or caribou hunt--$1850.00

Fall black bear permits are also available as a chance encounter hunt when done with either a moose or caribou hunt for a flat fee of $400.00. There is a harvest fee of $600.00 applied to this hunt but only if a bear is taken.

Licenses are also available for small game and migratory game birds. There is no fee for hunting. See details below.

A non-refundable DEPOSIT FEE is required to secure any hunt as follows:

  • Single moose or caribou hunt--$1000.00

We do not accept credit cards. We do accept personal checks for deposits. Final payments can be made with certified check, money order or cash and is due upon arrival. 

We also accept email money transfers or wire transfers to conduct payments.

All non-resident hunters must possess a valid non-resident hunting licence when hunting. This license or licenses are only available through licenses outfitters within Newfoundland & Labrador. It is to be in the hunters or his or hers guides possession at all times when hunting in the field. They must also provide proof of having met their own jurisdiction's hunter education requirements. A hunter safety course or proof of having held a big game license, (a copy of an expired deer, elk, bear etc hunting license is suffice)  They must present this documentation immediately if requested to do so by a wildlife officer. 

Guests bringing firearms into Canada must fill out a Firearm Declaration Form. The fee for this form is $25.00 Canadian and the form is good for a period of sixty days. Please contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000, or visit their WEBSITE for additional information and/or registration forms.

What Is Included in Our Packages:

  • License fee/s and taxes.
  • Pickup and return transportation between Gander International Airport and lodge.
  • Six day hunts from Monday to Saturday noon.
  • Once Sunday hunting is permitted guests are allowed and encouraged to hunt, albeit on or close to the road while going into camp because of time constraints.
  • Hunter to guide ratio is 1X1 unless otherwise requested at time of booking.
  • All meals which are prepared fresh daily by an experienced cook.
  • Meals are traditional but our menu is open to suggestions.
  • Care will be given to those guests with special eating requirements. *Please give us notice before you arrive so we can be prepared!!
  • Accommodations at Quite Haven Lodge.
  • Towels, linen, pillows and sleeping bags are provided.
  • Meat and trophy handling from field to butcher and or taxidermist.
  • We will also get game to the trucking company or to the airport for those having game shipped home. ( For a list of available shipping destinations please visit our "Everything Meat" page in the "About" section of our website)
  • All ground transportation which includes the use of ATV's, boats, motors and vehicles.

 Small Game, Coyotes/ Wolves and Waterfowl:

  • Non-Resident Canadian Small Game/Coyote Licence--$50.00
  • Non-Resident Alien Small Game/Coyote Licence--$115.00
  • Non-Resident Canadian Migratory Game Bird Licence--$17.00
  • Non-Resident Alien Migratory Game Bird Licence--$17.00
  • Please note that hunters holding a valid unfilled big game license can shoot coyotes and wolves with their big game rifle of choice until the licence is filled.
  • They can then further paticipate in this hunt in either of two ways; first they must have a valid Small Game Licence where they can use a shotgun with size #2 or larger shot or a .22 caliber rimfire rifle.
  • Second they can hold a valid Coyote License and only use a shotgun using #2 shot or larger or centrefire rifle in caliber up to and including .225, .17, .22 Hornet, .204 Ruger, .218 Bee, .222 & .223 Rem., .223 WSSM, .22-250 Rem., .220 Swift, .224 Weatherby Mag. and .225 Winchester.

Season Dates: Shooting Only 2021

  • Ptarmigan -- 3rd Saturday in September - 1st Saturday in December.
  • Grouse -- 3rd Saturday in September - 4th Saturday in December
  • Migratory Birds -- 3rd Saturday in September- 3rd Saturday in December 
  • Hares/ Rabbits -- 2nd Saturday in October -2nd Saturday in March 2021

Season Dates: Snaring Only 2021

  • Ptarmigan -- 2nd Saturday in October - 2nd Saturday in March 2021
  • Grouse -- 2nd Saturday in October - 2nd Saturday in March 2021
  • Hares/ Rabbits -- 2nd Saturday in October - 2nd Saturday in March 2021

  Please be advised that fishing in inland waters of Newfoundland closes on September 4, 2021. Refer to our main Fishing page or visit our blog for additional information

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