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Fish the well renowned Exploits River and the Northwest Gander River where annual salmon runs exceed 25,000 fish. These are high returns and hooking and/ or catching multiple fish per day is common. Recent changes to retension quotas due to stock concerns now has the Exploits River as a Class 6 river with a seasonal catch limit of two fish. The daily catch and release limit is also reduced to three fish per day. A fall fishery from September 8th to October 7th is also available on the Exploits River but for catch and release only. The Northwest Gander River is a Class 4 river with a seasonal retention limit of one fish and it also has a catch and release limit of three fish per day. There is no fall angling season on this river.

Grilse weighing up to six pounds make up approximately eighty percent of annual runs with the remaining twenty percent consisting of mature salmon weighing upwards of fifteen pounds. Atlantic salmon are tremendous fighters and will certainly give even the most experienced angler a test of skill and endurance. Peak times runs from the last of June throughout July on the Exploits River and the month of August on the Northwest Gander River.

As our lodge is located to far inland, guests wishing to fish the Exploits River will be required to stay at a local motel and not at our lodge. The motel is situated within minutes from the river and thus guests will be picked up and returned as required. Meals will be provided with this package.

Fishing on the Exploits River will be performed from boat unless your guide sees reason not to, however some pools can only be fished from shore if we choose to fish them. Fishing on the Northwest Gander River is performed mainly from shore but boats can also be utilized.

Package Includes:

  • Pick up and return transportation from Gander international airport.
  • Lodging and meals
  • Guide services (one guide to two fisher persons).
  • Boat, motor, gasoline, life preservers.
  • Fish cleaning and storage.
  • Stays are from Monday to Friday (five days)


  • A maximum season retention limit of three fish
  • A catch and release limit of three fish per day
  • Only fish measuring sixty three centimeters or less from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail may be retained.
  • Only a single, artificial, barbless fly may be used on any scheduled salmon river.
  • Retention of salmon on non-scheduled waters is not permitted.

Rivers, Tributaries and Classification:

The Exploits River main stem from Stoney Brook to Exploits Bay----- Class 6 

Tributaries below Grand Falls fishway including "The Depot" and "Little Rattling"-----Class 4

The Gander River main stem below Gander Lake ----- Class 6

The Northwest Gander River----- Class 4

Southwest Gander River and all other tributaries of the main stem----- Class 2

Waters above the falls on Great Gull Brook----- Class 0

Point Lemington River, Western Arm River, Peter's River, Northern Arm River, Charles Brook----Class 2


Tags and Their Uses:

Licenses are issued with six tags in case an in-season review of quotas allow more fish to be retained by anglers.

Tags numbered 1 and 2 are Red in color. ONLY TAG NUMBER 1 CAN BE USED. It can only be used on Class 2 rivers.

Tags numbered 3 and 4 are Green in color. Both of these tags can only be used on Class 4, Class 6, and on Unclassed Rivers.

Tags numbered 5 and 6 are Blue in color and are not permitted to be used on any Classed or Non Classed river.


License Fees:

  • Resident license fees for Atlantic Salmon are $23.00 (individual and family)
  • Non-resident license fees for Atlantic Salmon are $83.00 plus tax (individual and family)

Cost (excluding license fees):

  • Weekly rate for single booking $2800.00 (Canadian) per week
  • Weekly rate for double booking $4000.00 (Canadian) per week
  • Daily rate for a one person with a guide boat/motor but without food or lodging on the Exploits River, $250.00/day.
  • Daily rate for two persons with a guide boat/motor on the Exploits River, but without food or lodging, $350.00/day.
  • Guests wishing to partake in trout fishing will be required to stay at our lodge unless otherwise requested.

Season Dates: June 1st- September 7th, 2020


Fishing Other Than Atlantic Salmon Species include brook trout, ouananiche, and rainbow trout. Newfoundland offers some of the worlds best fishing opportunities for these species. Our most prevalent inland fish, the brook trout, is well known for the enjoyment it brings to those who catch it. Although they are found in high numbers in almost all of our water bodies, they can prove to be hard to catch at times for any angler. These fish range from “pan size” or six to ten inches in length, up to five pounds. The majority of fish caught are pan size. Ouananiche are land locked salmon. They are fished, like brook trout in fresh water. They are good fighters and it is not uncommon for these fish to jump when hooked. Fishing for both species is performed using a baited lure, usually with earth worms. This is done from a fixed location or by trolling certain locations in the ponds. During certain periods the best method to angle these fish is using fly rod. This is particularly true during periods of peak insect hatching. Within these times many an angler has tried just about every fly in their arsenal in an attempt to find one that imitates the insect hatch of the day. Both wet and dry flies in sizes 10 and smaller are used and most popular trout fly patterns work well for these fish. Caribou bugs of different colors are also favorite flies and are usually quite productive. These fish range between one and four pounds. Rainbow trout or(steelhead) are fished in salt water using heavier tackle than that used for the above species. These fish can top the scales at fifteen pounds and are very aggressive when hooked. They are fished in an inland bay on the south coast of the province.


  • The daily bag limit is 12 trout or 5lbs round weight plus one fish, whichever limit is reached first of all species combined.
  • The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit.
  • The bag limit for a family license and an individual license is the same. All fish caught shall be counted as the catch of the person to whom the license is issued.
  • Fish in inland waters can only be taken using rod, hook and line.
  • License Fees

Non-resident license fees for trout are $15.00 and $25.00 individual and family).

Cost (excluding license fee):

Single booking is $1,800.00 (canadian) week.

Double booking is $3000.00 (canadian) week

Season Dates:

May 15th - September 7th

To view the Newfoundland and Labrador Anglers Guide please visit here:http://www.nfl.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/NL/AG/anglersguide

Government of Newfoundland Labrador - Our Wildlife

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