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Our Lodge

Hunting Lodge Newfoundland lLbradorThe 1200 sq/ft. lodge is modern and spacious with all the usually required amenities, yet it is also rustic by design. It has a separate living area and dining room complete with fridge, deep freeze, microwave, and satellite television. Cellular telephone service is available 10 minutes from camp. It has a fully equipped indoor bathroom with hot and cold running water. Electricity is provided by generator with backup on site.

Our hunting lodge can accommodate up to six hunting guests each week in two semi private dual occupancy rooms and three single rooms. We are also are able to accommodate two non-hunting guests per week. Our guide facility is separate from the main lodge and has its own indoor plumbing and sleeping quarters. There is a separate building used for a drying room on site where clothes and footware can be dried between outings if required. A washer and dryer is available on site.


Staff at the lodge includes an experienced full time cook who will provide all home cooked meals on a daily basis. We serve three full meals each day. Our cook is cognizant of many special eating requirements for those guests with things such as gluten allergies, celiac disease and diabetes. Just be sure and let us know several weeks prior to your arrival if you have any special eating requirements and suitable meals will be prepared accordingly for you.

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Access to the lodge is provided using four wheel drive Chevrolet suburbans, four wheel drive pick-up trucks and 4x4 ATVs. The ATV ride is only five minutes long and is on a hand made trail that winds through young and old growth forest while following the shores of a picturesque lake. The trail is hard and mostly dry. The ride from town to the lodge is about two to three hours in length.

As government does not maintain our access roads for the most part, which are mostly gravel, we feel compelled to do so ourselves. We are responsible for the removal or clearing of new growth along our road systems, culvert installion and upkeep, ditching and maintaining a relative smooth riding service. We use a variety of equipment to perform these endevors such as, a hand held brushsaw, chainsaws, rubbertire backhoe and a road grader. Without doubt we are the first outfitter in the province to undertake these measures to such levels which we feel only further shows our committment to our guests.


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